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Version: v3

IP Filters

By default, only local access is permitted.

If you wish to access OIBus from a remote workstation, you can add a remote address. It's important to ensure that the IP address format is correctly specified, whether it's IPv4 or IPv6. OIBus supports both formats.

When you install OIBus from a script, within a Docker container, or for other use cases, it can be valuable to permit access from remote IP addresses. You can execute the following curl command using the default credentials and port:

curl command
curl --location --request POST "http://localhost:2223/api/ip-filters" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{\"address\": \"*\", \"description\": \"All\" }" -u "admin:pass"
Allowing all with proxy server

Be careful when allowing all IP addresses and using the proxy server: since the proxy simply forward without authenticating the request, it may be dangerous to accept all sources.