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Version: v3


The console is primarily employed for development and troubleshooting purposes.

Specific settings

The console accepts just one option: verbose. When verbose mode is enabled, the received data is presented in detailed tables within the console. In contrast, with verbose mode disabled, only the count of values received by the North connector is displayed.

Display Console in production

In a production environment, particularly on Windows or Linux, you might have OIBus running as a service. If you need to access the console output in such a scenario, you can follow these steps:

  1. Stop the OIBus service.
  2. Launch OIBus from a terminal with administrative access, directly from its installation folder:
    • On Windows: Execute the go.bat script.
    • On Linux: Run the script.
Restart the service

When you exit the terminal and wish to run OIBus as a service once more, remember to restart the service using the OS service manager.