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Version: v3

Migrate to v3

Migrate from OIBus v1 and v2 into the new OIBus v3 version with our migration tool and a few manuel steps.

Download specific version

OIBus version

The migration will work only with the 3.3.4 OIBus version. If you want to migrate to a later version, first install OIBus v3.3.4 from one of the links below, and then update OIBus from v3.3.4 to a later version.

Migration steps

  1. Stop the OIBus service.

You can zip the data folder, or at least the configuration file oibus.json and its keys as a backup.

  1. Install OIBus v3.3.4. Be careful to specify the same data folder. Check that OIBus v3 run properly by login on http://localhost:2223 with admin / pass. If everything works, go on with the next step.

  2. Stop OIBus v3.

  3. Copy the migration tool in the OIBus binary folder.

  4. Run the OIBus migration tool. Be sure to specify the appropriate data folder.

Windows command

oibus-upgrade.exe --config D:\OIBusData

Linux / macOS command

./oibus-upgrade --config /usr/oibus/OIBusData
  1. Start OIBus v3.

The file upgrade-journal.log contains the logs of the migration.